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I haven't anything extraordinary to report as of late, so I've reached into the picture archives for something new to present.  Heh.. Most of these have appeared before, but not as a group of midlife crisis photos.  This picture was taken when I was in college.  Guitars and M-16's....what a life.   Before electronic tuners, I used a tuning fork (no batteries required). Of all the pics in this update, I look the youngest in this one.  I was around 25 when this picture was taken.

I guess I look pretty young in this one as well.  This picture was taken at U.S. Army Airborne Training at Ft Benning, GA.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was in one of the last classes to run in boots.

This pic was taken after our graduation jump.   They've changed the company designations for Jump School since the early 80's.  From here I shipped off to Ft. Bragg and the 82nd Airborne Division.

Here's a picture of me sporting my PFC rank and my Maroon Beret at Ft. Bragg.   I was assigned to the 319th FA, but since I was Fire Support I spent most of my time with sitting on OP or training with C Co, 1-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

This was what a good bit of my time at Ft. Bragg looked like.  I'm not sure why I'm not carrying a weapon in this pic.   Heh, and that jeep in the background, I never got the chance to ride in it, I walked just about everywhere.

Here's a pic from Huey transition at flight school.   After Ft. Bragg I went back and finished college.   I got a commission as 2LT and the Army shipped me off to Ft. Rucker, AL for flight school.   I would be 26 in this picture.

Another "Man and His Machine" shot.  I left the U.S. Army right after Desert Storm.   I got a job with the Sheriff's Dept. in my home town, Daytona Beach.   I had a variety of duties at the Sheriff's Dept.  One was flying the helicopter.

Here is pic of me doing another of my duties as Deputy Sheriff.  That is the black water of the St. Johns River under the boat.  The Sheriff sent me to the Customs Boat Handlers School in Glencoe, GA to learn how to conduct Law Enforcement on a boat.

I was also on the Sheriff's Dive Team.  Most of our dives were "Black Water" dives.  I usually couldn't see any further than foot or two beyond my mask.  The training dives were always fun and interesting, though.  We dove for evidence, such as weapons and stolen property, we dove for submerged vehicles, and we also looked for drowning victims.