Desert Storm Pics Page Four

As the Iraqi’s retreated, they demonstrated what is likely one of the worst cases of “sour grapes”, ever.  They lit most of Kuwait’s oil wells on fire. Here is Kuwait City under a blanket of smoke created by the well fires.

I took this picture at high noon.   What an ecological disaster.  Again, I'll spare you the commentary.

Another daytime picture.

We spent several weeks in Kuwait after the ground war, and then we moved to an Airfield in Iraq.  Here’s one of the locals.

The locals were pretty friendly.  That’s John on the back of the Camel, he flew Apaches when he wasn't making new friends.

After the ground war we took some time to have some fun.  I started flying when I was 17 years old, and had been flying for almost twelve years when we deployed.  Desert Storm was some of the best flying I've ever experienced.  I'm flying the aircraft in the lead.

Operation “Desert Stay”.  We hung out in Iraq until May, conducting patrols and providing general support for the Division.

Here’s one of the leaflets dropped on Iraqi positions.

Copying money is not usually a good idea, but I don't think Iraqi money is a big target for counterfeiting.

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