Desert Storm Pics Page Three

From our attack position we moved north through the Neutral Zone and into Iraq.  We met relatively light resistance until we turned east and began to move into Kuwait.  There we met the Medina Republican Guard Division.  The Air Medal that I received for the battle says that I fought in the Largest Tank Battle since World War Two.

Here are a series of pictures we took of what was left of the Iraqi Army after the Ground War.

This is an SA-13 on an MTLB Chassis. Translation:  This is an Infared Anti-aircraft Missile Launcher mounted on a tracked vehicle.

Here is a T-72 Main Battle Tank.  Tanks are primarily an offensive weapon, their most important attribute is their mobility.  They don’t fair too well when they are dug in and can’t move.

Another example of the results of fighting with tanks from a dug in position.

There were a few tank commanders who figured it out, but it was usually too late.

Another T-72.  This was the Soviet’s premier battle tank, it’s fast, maneuverable, and has great fire power.  In the hands of good leadership, a Battalion of these tanks would be pretty scary.

Another unfortunate tank.

Yet another unfortunate tank.

Along a road.

Here’s an Iraqi BMP ready for inspection.  The BMP is an infantry fighting vehicle.  Those are Sagger anti-tank missiles displayed in front.

Here’s a situation which would only be safe for the helicopter if the SA-13 is out of ammo or out of commission.

An overhead view.

Brett took all of the “Battle Damage” pictures.  I was too busy flying around posing for pictures.

Here’s a picture he took of the “road leading out of Kuwait”.  Everyone already knows what happened here, so I wont bore anyone with the details.  I'll also spare you my commentary on killing people who are running for their lives.

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